Safety tips when your car breaks down unexpectedly
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Safety tips when your car breaks down unexpectedly

You’re out on a drive, and your car breaks down – you’re driving home and suddenly your car gives up on you – what do you do?

Well, here are a few safety tips for when you’re stuck in such a situation.

First things first, look out for your safety – move away from the car if you smell anything wrong, if not, still move away and look out for yourself.

Next up, check if there is an emergency lane or a parking bay around, and if you can maneuver your car to the side so as to not be a hindrance to other passengers, as well as ensuring complete safety for yourself. Also, be very careful when you exit your car and check if you have the safety kit on you. If you are aware of slight car repairs in Dubai, you might be able to help yourself.

However, also get in touch with Roadside assistance, to move around the vehicle and for repairs as well. And take help from trustworthy passengers who stop by for any assistance.

Another thing to keep in mind is if you’re in a new area, stay close to your car. While it might be tempting to leave the car and start walking – avoid it if you’re unaware of your surroundings. You never know what might follow you. Stay close to the car, and keep an eye out for help.

For any roadside assistance or breakdowns, you can get in touch with Sunshine Auto, a car repair Dubai service who is always available to you. Stay careful and don’t wander around if you’re unaware of the area.

Also, if you don’t know what exactly is wrong with the car, don’t mess with the tools, there are car maintenance Dubai firms who can help you out, and not damage the car further. And to avoid any such mishaps, it is best to sign up for the annual car maintenance contract and get your vehicle regularly checked.

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