• My service light is on, will you be able to reset it?

    Yes. We have all the necessary electronic equipment to reset service lights and variable service indicators.

  • Will the price I'm quoted be the price I pay?

    Yes. We adhere ridgedly to our quoted prices, and all prices quoted in person are final.  We will absolutely never carry out any additional work unless you have been contacted, had the work fully explained to you been given an updated quotation, and we have received your approval.

  • Do you offer a collection and delivery service?

    Yes, within approximately a 5-10 KM radius we are able to collect and deliver your vehicle – at a time that is convenient to you.

  • Do I need to make an appointment?

    For most service and repair jobs, we would ask you to make an appointment, so we can allocate workshop time that is convenient to you. We do however, stress to all our customers that if it’s an emergency, or just one of those annoying little jobs, to simply bring your vehicle straight round!

  • Do you have a waiting room?

    We have a comfortable, clean waiting room, with a TV, coffee machine and reading material, Play Station etc.

  • What kind of service do I need?

    If you are unsure what kind of service you may require then why not give our friendly reception staff a call.. They will be able to talk you through and guide you on the best service to have based on your vehicle, it’s age and it’s previous servicing.

  • Why do I need to service my car?

    A. Servicing a car regularly not only ensures the vehicle is safe, but will maintain your vehicle, keeping it in the best possible condition.  This will help to keep costs down by helping to maintain major components for longer.

  • How much do you charge for your services?

    From oil change to major repairs, the price will vary from vehicle to vehicle, spare part to spare part. What we can say is our hourly labour rate, which is AED150/- but we only bill you for the actual work we do. So if it takes us only 20 minutes, we’ll charge you for 20 minutes and not the entire hour. Sounds fair, right? Right.

  • Do you fix and modify cars?

    Yes, we fix everything & yes we do modify.

  • Why does my car make noises when it starts?

    A Car Making Noise is never good. It could be making a clicking sound in the car or squeaking noise. The Car Making Noise could be coming from the engine, belts, pullets, exhaust system, suspension, brakes, or even the tires to pavement contact. You should have any car making noises checked out by a trusted technician.

  • How long will it take to get my car fixed?

    Depending on what repaires will be needed wait times will vary. A Car Bumper Repair depending on how bad the damage could take from a few hours to possibly even a day or two. A brake service is an easier service and would take less time. For brake service one should consider service taking 2-4 hours.

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