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Wheel Alignment in Al Qusais

Need a quick fix for your wheel alignment problems? Call us now!

Experiencing uneven tire wear or trouble handling your vehicle? These might be signs of wheel alignment issues. Our certified specialists will be happy to perform a thorough wheel alignment check for you—completely!

Wheel Alignment / Tracking

Wheel alignment, sometimes referred to as tracking, is bringing the front wheels’ angles into alignment so they are parallel to one another. This modification guarantees straight driving and extends tire life.

Wheel balancing, which makes sure weight is distributed uniformly throughout the wheel to enable smooth tire rotation, is not the same as wheel alignment.

Consequences of Misaligned Wheels
Each car has a specific wheel alignment setting. If this setting is disturbed by any of the following, your tires can wear rapidly:

Causes of Wheel Alignment Problems

Striking a curb
Hitting a pothole
Normal wear and tear
Bumping a parking barrier
Being in a car accident
Driving too quickly over speed bumps

Signs of Poor Wheel Alignment

Misalignment becomes evident with uneven tire wear, particularly on the inner or outer edges, or a “feathering” effect.
Steering wheel vibration
Drag or pulling to one side
Noises when turning corners

Action to Take for Misaligned Wheels
If you suspect misalignment, get it checked immediately. It’s recommended to have wheel alignment checked every 6,000 miles or whenever tires or steering components are changed.

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