3 Car Checks You Should Carry Out Before a Long Trip
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3 Car Checks You Should Carry Out Before a Long Trip

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When you’re planning a long trip, the last thing you want is a car breakdown or any issues with your vehicle. Isn’t it? Well, how do you ensure that your car remains any breakdown or accident free? Read on to know some of the most essential car checks to carry out before you take that long drip to ensure a hassle free holiday.


  • Check the fluids – by this we mean coolants and oil. Check what’s under the bonnet as that is of utmost importance when you’re driving long distances. The coolants and oils need to be at adequate level so as to not have any leakages. Also ensure you check the brake liquid level, because if this is too low – your vehicle is not safe enough to drive long distances. If it’s a new radiator, you’ll be able to find the recommended minimum and maximum oil levels, keep an eye out for those!
  • Next up, check the lights and wipers. Again not too many people pay attention to this but car services in Dubai will tell you quite aptly that these are very important. You will be driving at night, or you might be driving in diverse conditions, here light and wipers will be of utmost importance as they will assist you in safe driving.
  • Wheels and Tyres – Get these properly checked before you get on to the long drive. Get the annual car maintenance in Dubai done before you head for the road as they will check all the parts of your vehicle, especially the wheel – which needs to be in great shape. The tread depth indicator is what will help you determine if your vehicle is safe for a long journey – so check that out and then head out.

While these are the most important checks, it is best to consult a car service in Dubai, like Sunshine Auto, they conduct a complete check on your vehicle, and reach out to you anywhere, anytime for any help whatsoever.


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