Caring for Your Car’s New Paint after a Repair
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Caring for Your Car’s New Paint after a Repair

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A rough collision has led to a repair, and once your vehicle has been repaired – it’s been painted once again and made to look brand new. Now, how do you sustain this look? Keeping the car paint intact is one of your jobs, and you need to do it well, but how do you go about it?

Let’s start with first washing the car on your own, not with a pipe though. The paint is new and the finish needs to harden so take a little extra care for the first 3 months, use minimal solution, and go for clean warm water. Next up, let your car rest in the shade – don’t let the harsh sunlight fall on your newly painted car.

Also one needs to understand that you will be driving immediately and there are gravels and chips lying on the road, which is bound to stick to your car – so extra care in the first few months is very essential. Park your car indoors as a car parked outside also leads to dirt dropping on it. And it might not just be small stuff, but hard seeds and grainy materials which can seriously damage the new paint on your car.

Also, when you wash the car, dry it out as well, since the water particles can cause permanent marks on your new paint. Also, there are various car services in Dubai, so get your car checked quite regularly and take the necessary maintenance services, so they can also help you take care.

All in all, a clean car and annual car maintenance should help you go a long way – since it’s new paint, wash your car with your hands using a soft cloth and not too many chemicals. This will keep the car paint safe, secure and your car will shine through a long way.

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