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What to do when your key is stuck in the ignition

car maintenance in dubai

One of the most frustrating situations is having your key stuck in the ignition, which can turn your drive into a frustrating endeavor. It is essential not to panic and follow these simple steps to retrieve your key or call the nearest car services in Dubai.

  • Stay Calm

Panicking is not going to solve the situation, but keeping a calm and collected mind will. Take time out to compose yourself as a clear mind can assess the situation and find a solution.

  • Check Your Gear Shift

Oftentimes, the gear shift is the reason why the key is stuck in the ignition. Always ensure that your car is in the “Park” position. Cars have a safety feature that prevents the key from turning to the off position if the gear shift isn’t secured in Park.

  • Gently Turn It back and forth

It is advisable to gently turn it back and forth while the key is in ignition. At times, some minor adjustments can align the internal components which will allow the key to be released.

  • Steering Wheel Maneuver

The reason for your key being stuck could be a locked steering wheel. Turn the steering wheel in both directions while you extract the key. The movement will allow the steering wheel to disengage and release the key.

  • Battery Check

Another cause is a weak or dead battery, this can cause electronic steering locks which makes it difficult to turn your key. If your car still has power, make sure your battery is in good condition. If the issue is with the battery, it might solve the issue of the key being stuck.

  • Lubrication

Ignition cylinders inevitably accumulate dirt and debris which leads to sticking. The issue can be solved by applying a little graphite lubricant or a lock lubricant which will help in easing the internal components. It is advisable to avoid oil-based lubricants as they will make your ignition cylinders accumulate more dirt.

If these tips don’t work, it is time to call the experts. If you are searching for a Car mechanic near me, Sunshine Auto Repairing Shop’s service team can offer the expertise needed to resolve the issue. It is recommended to avoid forcing the key as it may further the damage.

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